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PreAct Technologies, a participant in our 1st cohort, raises $1.6m

The first cohort of Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator saw three startups conduct pilots with Aviva Canada. One of those startups, PreAct Technologies, recently announced a new round of funding. The company successfully raised $1.6 million, led by Alpha Bridge, and joined by and the Sony Innovation Fund.

PreAct Technologies has built a solution that can prevent over 85% of injuries and fatalities from car crashes by detecting the crashes milliseconds before they occur, which allows a car with their technology integrated to intervene in some capacity (i.e. deploy airbags, tighten seatbelts, etc.)

Led by CEO Paul Drysch, who previously worked at Aeris, Cisco, RideCell, and Civil Maps, the company has raised $3.8 million to date.

Using proven US defense technology and entirely rethinking near-field sensing, PreAct Technologies will leverage automotive sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash. This alone can reduce a majority of injuries from the most common types of crashes while saving the industry billions annually.

Highline Beta and Aviva Canada are excited about PreAct Technologies continued growth, because we believe in the incredible potential of their technology to make roads safer for everyone.


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