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Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator Applications are now open

Startups focused on road safety are encouraged to apply to qualify for pilot opportunities, mentorship and follow-on funding

When we partnered with Aviva Canada on the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator, a challenge-based accelerator program now entering its second year, we focused on launching pilots with startups whose products can help to make a dent in one of the hardest societal problems that matter: road safety.

In these unprecedented times, new safety and social distancing protocols have meant more people adapting to new ways of working and living day-to-day: we’re seeing fewer private passenger vehicles on the roads and an increase in people turning to bikes, scooters and walking to get around safely over the summer and early fall. Kids have gone back to school. Cities around the world stepped in and expanded biking infrastructure, widened sidewalks to accommodate social distancing, and adapted bylaws to the new realities, letting business and restaurant owners set up patios — often along the busy roads. Changes to our city streets have never happened faster.

This year’s program applications are now open to startups whose solutions can help make our roads safer for everyone. We invite ambitious startups to apply, and accelerate the impact we know technology can make to help cities adapt to COVID-19. By working together, we can make commuting and getting around safer, safeguard pedestrian mobility, help leverage and collect valuable data, while maintaining privacy and informing infrastructure decisions and investments.

Please apply if your startup has a product in-market that addresses any of the following:

  • The New Normal - As our cities adapt to COVID-19, the road safety and transportation landscape continues to evolve. We're interested in solutions that support increased pedestrian traffic, social distancing while traveling, enhancements to public transit and more.

  • Cycling Safety - Advances in clothing, accessories and bicycle technology that makes street cycling safer. Interventions that reduce unsafe bicycle and motor vehicle interactions.

  • Pedestrian Safety Solutions - Technology and interventions that make the most vulnerable road users safer. Advances that improve the walkability of streets and communities. Innovations that make school buses and other public transit safer when boarding and disembarking.

  • Data Solutions - Technologies that aggregate private sector and public data to look at the root causes of crashes and suggest interventions. Data solutions to help standardize the collection of collision data nationally. Cyber security solutions that aim to protect information transmitted between pedestrians, vehicles and infrastructure, as well as, proactively identify and manage risks related to the theft of sensitive data, invasion of privacy and fraud.

  • Sensors & Digital Signage Solutions - Technology to curb distracted driving and reduce other risky driving behaviours. Innovations that help drivers see better and have more time to react.

  • Accurate Detection Solutions - Improve intersection safety through accurate detection of pedestrians, cyclists, cars and transit riders to help inform decisions around traffic flow and priorities.

“The Safe x Connected accelerator program’s inaugural year has been a success: we have amazing pilots working in the field now, driving change and making our roads safer. As this program enters its second year, we’re excited to hear from startups with products in-market and early traction and help the right companies test, validate and scale their technology with support from Aviva Canada and other platform partners,” says Ben Yoskovitz, CPO and Founding Partner, Highline Beta.

Applications for the Safe x Connected Cities Accelerator are open to all early-stage startups at: Deadline to apply is December 18, 2020.

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